Art Direction, Package Design, and Display Design for Andrea Valentini's jewelry collection, HELIXÔRA

HELIXÔRA is a “personalized” jewelry collection created by Andrea Valentini. An extension from her successful DNA jewelry, a fun and wearable connection between science and art representing an individual’s DNA.

The goal was to create brand identity, packaging, information pamphlet and custom merchandise display.


Each ÔRA color crystal bracelet represents a meaning. Each ÔRA card has a tagline and meaning to the wearer. For example, if the wearer felt stressed, she may wrap the ÔRA emerald crystal bracelet (representing balance) around her HELIX bracelet (representing an individual’s DNA) to remind her to be calm, steady seek harmony.


The HELIXÔRA triangle packaging was developed from the meaning of the triangle: a strong foundation or stability relating to the mind, body and soul. The box also introduces a playful aspect to the packaging design. It open up like a fortune cookie to create a surprise element and to showcase the product, tagline and meaning.

Display Design

The concept was to create a stand based from the helix “DNA” configuration. The display is two interlocking curves to represent the two jewelry components, the HELIX bracelet and ÔRA crystal stands.

The center of the helix display showcases a demonstration of how the two jewelry products are worn together.