Andrea Valentini Identity

Graphic identity for the Andrea Valentini lifestyle brand of travel bags, technology sleeves, housewares and accessories launched in March 2014.


The goal was to create a new Andrea Valentini identity that had a sense of a design “lifestyle” brand and set itself apart to avoid confusion to other similar sounding brands. The logotype in the mark is unique to the rest of the logotype name to evoke softness like the custom textiles.

The two V’s are in a staggered configuration and mirror the “A” at the end of Andrea and the “V” in Valentini. The hexagon texture was introduced as a secondary element that acted a decorated accent introducing texture to brand image and allude to the letter “A”.



The first packaging introduced with the new logo is the Tech Candy collection. A tech accessory collection of brightly colored sleeves for iPad, tablets and laptops.


Samples of the first hardware zipper pulls for the “Tech Candy” collection. The zipper pull sample has a black rubber spray finish.