Andrea Valentini Showroom Gallery

Andrea Valentini's first showroom located in Providence's College Hill.

Andrea Valentini Showroom Gallery 7

Site: 357 South Main Street, Providence, RI

Square Footage: 900 sqft

Budget: Less > $50,000

Timeline: 20 weeks

Andrea Valentini Showroom Gallery first flagship retail location in Providence, RI. Located in the College Hill neighborhood, design build project was dubbed “moments of texture” that embodies the artist’s unique design and manufacturing process and tactile aesthetic.

The 900 sqft showroom is fitted out with a accordion feature wall display the product like sculpture. The dot perforated vent above mimics the “dot” texture one sees in the molding process of the custom textiles  The entire space gives the impression that it has been carved out or separated by the selection of flooring materials while still feel edgy yet soft, light and sensual.